Ozone therapy as a response to numerous health problems

It is known that the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere protects the living things of the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. However, it is less well known that ozone protects against various diseases and harmful conditions in the body, which is why it is widely used for medical purposes.

Numerous health studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of ozone in the treatment of various diseases, and the evidence of the beneficial effects of ozone on the whole organism is that ozone therapy has been used from the 19th century until today, which confirms the positive results of its daily use.

Increasing immunity, accelerating blood circulation, delaying the aging process, reducing stress and chronic fatigue, and improving concentration are just some of the benefits of using ozone. At the same time, this gas is a natural antibiotic that destroys persistent viruses, bacteria and fungi in a short time. Ozone is also known as the miracle cure for these bacteria and viruses, as various medical studies carried out over the past few years have shown that it is a natural antibiotic that is much more effective in a very short time on even the most persistent "pests" in the body destroyed.

Ozone therapy as a response to numerous health problems 2

The research shows that people whose bodies are fed with ozone have better immunity, better complexions, and much brighter moods. Studies by various German and Russian doctors have confirmed that ozone greatly strengthens the immune system and the body's energy potential.

There are many different ways people can be exposed to the beneficial effects of ozone to improve their overall health. Hence, there is a method of rectal insufflation that is performed in health care facilities. This method injects ozone into the body of the patient. In addition, there are various chambers and tents with ozone and ozone saunas in which this gas is absorbed through the pores of the body. Another method is to take blood from patients, which is enriched with ozone in a special process and returned to the human body.

Most of these methods are more complicated and take place in specialized facilities that are certified for such procedures. Therefore, it is known that the easiest way to ingest ozone is to take oral ozonized water or ozonized soft gel capsules.

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