Germany - one of the countries from which modern practices and applications of ozone therapy arise

The ozone therapy and its application with already proven effect and minimal side effects is the main impetus for the continuous use to increase human health.

Since the 1950s research has increased significantly, as has the collection of a large number of studies, the establishment of associations to expand knowledge about the effective aspects of ozone therapy.

1957 patented Dr. Hansler an ozone generator that served as the basis for ozone depletion in Germany. 1961 for the first time, Dr. Hans Wolf presents large and small chemistry with ozone.

In 1971 Wolff and Professor Siegfried Rilling founded the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy.

In the early 1980s, a German medical textbook called "Medical Ozone" was created, and not long after that, the first international medical ozone conference took place in Washington. By the end of 1987 Dr. Rilling and Dr. Renate Weiban publish "The Use of Ozone in Medicine," which forms the basis for ozone therapy applications.

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